For all moments of pleasure,
with traditional or innovative tastes,
suitable for adults and children alike

At the request of our customers, our R&D team develops more than 250 new recipes each year, for even tastier products, pushing back the boundaries of technology.

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Powerful, intense, sweet, fresh, natural
tangy, inimitable, rounded,
spicy and thrilling tastes…

  • Fruits

    With more than 25 different fruits in our range, we prepare our own purées in order to offer you the best at a fair price.

    Red and black fruit – Exotic – Organic raspberry – Orange marmalade – Mirabelle – Grapefruit-raspberry – Organic fig – Calvados apple – Flambéed pineapple…

  • Vegetables

    If you want your 5 fruit and vegetables per day, then in your savoury snacks you can enjoy the texture and freshness of vegetables. Healthy and fashionable!

    Tomato – Cucumber – Pepper – Winter squash, etc.

  • Sweet

    Chocolate, caramel, vanilla, coffee or praline: essential tastes in water-based fillings for a range of creamy and healthy desserts.

    Dark chocolate – “Nut free” Praline – Coffee or Tea – Cointreau – Whisky – Toffee – Salted Caramel – Crema Catalana – Marshmallow…

  • Savoury

    Sweet and sour or sweet and savoury tendencies to bring an innovative and original, but most importantly still natural touch to your products.

    Humus – Sassy Water – Thai Curry – Fig chutney – Barbecue –
    Margherita Pizza – Pesto…

How can we
help you ?

  • By helping to develop your current recipes.
  • By monitoring or anticipating trends.
  • By creating new recipes.
  • By updating other recipes.
  • By helping you adapt to change in regulations.
  • By opening a new market.
  • By inspiring you to new ideas.
  • By developing clean label recipes, with less sugar, free from allergens, in organic, kosher or halal versions…

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