Our mission is to provide you
with ideas and solutions.

Each day, the employees of Materne Industries strive to be the leading specialists in wet fillings for pastries, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, confectionaries and cereals.

Our teams endeavour to accomplish the same goal :
to satisfy our customers and help them to develop quickly and efficiently.

/// Marketing - R&D - Innovation ///

Quality services

First-rate knowledge of our customers’  markets

Excellent responsiveness

Expert advice and relevant  solutions

Deliveries worthy of your requirements

We help you to
create the products
of tomorrow

  • Market trends

  • Production launch

    Depending on volume, our fillings are produced on our batch line or continuous production line, but always with the same standards of safety, quality, productivity and respect for the environment.

  • Market testing

    Consumer tests allow us to refine the particularities of our fillings.

  • Industrial trials

    To guarantee mastery of each recipe proposed, after sampling varying form 1 to 40 kg, we provide assistance for the essential step of industrial trials.

  • Product mock-up

    According to our customers’ needs, we can propose a comprehensive concept, including the finished product, packaging and its marketing approach.

  • Recipe development

    Based on your strategy, specific needs and our market knowledge, for each customer we develop the filling that will contribute to their future success.

/// Control of flows from A to Z ///

Expertise means attentive service
all along the chain…

In light of the diverse requirements and markets of our customers,
our teams are both flexible and specialised in their domains.

Our customer support team strives to find the best logistic solutions,
in accordance with the regulations governing each market. From order
to delivery, it helps to anticipate our customers’ needs,
ensure transparent monitoring and develop the
best production plans possible.

Because no two customers are identical, we commit to :


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    Proximity / Pro-activeness

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We have two GMP and HACCP standard production lines.

Heating – Cooking – Vacuum concentration - Pasteurisation – Ultra-clean filling

The strengths of our production teams are experience and flexibility. They have a perfect grasp of our tools and processes as well as those of our customers. Hand in hand with our R&D department, they do their utmost to produce fillings within deadlines, to the demanded quality standards and with textures adapted to the specific technologies used by each customer.

Four technologies for
infinite possibilities.

Pre-cooking – post-cooking – pre-fast freezing


  • Injection


    Inject fillings after cooking of your products, on removal from ovens or deep fryers.

  • Co-extrusion


    In one single swoop, extrude your filling and the raw pasty dough of your cookies, cereal and biscuit bars, before cutting and cooking.

  • Post-Acidification


    Semi-finished fillings that should be acidified before on-line setting, dedicated to obtain a firm and shiny gel.

Each firm has its requirements.
Our solutions can be adapted
to our customers’ particularities.

Each of our customers requires specific tools, know-how and processes.
Materne Industries works with both major international groups with a presence
in the large retailer sector and specialist industrialists.


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    Combining smoothness with crunchiness.

    Give freshness to your biscuits whilst preserving their crunchiness. Either in sweet or savoury versions, our fashionable fillings provide genuine added value for your products.

    For your biscuits, cookies, waffles, etc.

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    Meeting the challenge of softness and stability.

    Our fillings enhance your recipes whilst ensuring your products remain soft and stable.

    For your sponges, tartlets, cakes, financiers, etc.

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    Succeeding in the task of taste and conservation.

    To enliven your dessert and breakfast products, we bank on rich and intense tastes, extremely soft textures and product stability.

    For your brioche buns, milk rolls, sandwiches, puff pastries, doughnuts, etc.

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    Confectionery - chocolates

    Priority for flavours and stability.

    Thanks to our fillings with low water activity, your products will not deteriorate, neither microbiologically or in terms of colour.

    For your chocolates, mini-pastries, etc.

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    Uniting suppleness and crunchiness.

    Breakfasts deserve filled cereals which offer a full guarantee of crunchiness, taste and pleasure for the taste buds. Our wet fillings provide extra nutritional quality.

    For your cereal bars, breakfast cereals, etc.

Solid experience on the international scene

Although our products are developed in France, we have established a genuine international culture. As a result, we are able to develop tastes and products adapted to all types of markets, in France and abroad.

With a presence in more than 30 countries, we export more than 50% of our production.