Seeking what’s good and healthy

When we design fillings, we pay very special attention to the sensory and nutritional profile of your finished products, without forgetting your needs in terms of shelf life.

Physico-chemical control

Thanks to our mastery over the texture, brix and water activity, we can manufacture wet fillings, whether sweet or savoury, adapted to the industrial tools and final product specifications of our customers.

We help you to
create the products
of tomorrow

  • Market trends

  • Production launch

    Depending on volume, our fillings are produced on our batch line or continuous production line, but always with the same standards of safety, quality, productivity and respect for the environment.

  • Market testing

    Consumer tests allow us to refine the particularities of our fillings.

  • Industrial trials

    To guarantee mastery of each recipe proposed, after sampling varying form 1 to 40 kg, we provide assistance for the essential step of industrial trials.

  • Product mock-up

    According to our customers’ needs, we can propose a comprehensive concept, including the finished product, packaging and its marketing approach.

  • Recipe development

    Based on your strategy, specific needs and our market knowledge, for each customer we develop the filling that will contribute to their future success.

/// Physico-Chemical ///

Our technical know-how allows us to cover
a very broad spectrum for water activity.

Our R&D team boasts solid know-how in managing water activity (AW). With a range of 0.35 to 0.95, we are able to adapt the AW to your final product specifications.

We can thus guarantee stable fillings whatever you use them for, as well as perfect control over micro-biological parameters.

Precision and respect of the brix
guarantee identical fillings
day after day.

The brix is the soluble dry matter in our fillings. Thanks to its continuous measurement, we can monitor the concentration of our products during production.

This monitoring, as well as the respect of percentages for each ingredient used, allows us to ensure the particularities of your filling.


Almost 30 years experience has forged our mastery of each parameter.

Our team boasts millions of hours in trials and production for our customers (with more than 250 recipes developed per year). In addition to the brix and AW, the filling you seek is defined by the pH, firmness, PH, viscosity, consistency on cooking, etc. Control over all these parameters is essential to obtain an optimal product!

Only if our fillings
obtain the desired
texture are they
shipped from the factory.

Each production batch is different and requires precise know-how. Depending on the harvest or seasons, the amount of pectin, starch and fibres can vary.

Our R&D and Production teams work hand in hand to ensure that the texture of each production batch meets our customers’ demands.

Quelles textures vous faut-il ?

  • Smooth
  • Easily sliced
  • Shiny
  • Matt
  • Creamy
  • Supple
  • Firm with pieces
  • Pre-gelled

Products that are healthier,
more flavoursome and more fun,
drawing from the best that nature has to offer.

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    The best raw materials

    Whether traditional or innovative, our ingredients are carefully selected and compliant with different labelling.

    Quality bonus: fresh, local apples transformed on site, home-made red fruit purées, etc.

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    Demanding and precise recipes

    Our recipes and manufacturing processes meet stringent requirements in terms of quality, naturalness and preservation of the environment.

    Quality bonus: we employ vacuum cooking techniques to preserve the taste and colour of ingredients.

What packaging
do you need?

From the most simple to the most sophisticated, our packaging adapts to your production volumes
and emptying capacity, but also to the markets for which it is intended.

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    IBC pressurized containers

    For sensitive products and quite fluid textures

    Capacity 800 – 1,000 kg

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    Fully opening metal drums

    For products stable at ambient temperature, fairly firm texture

    Capacity 250-290 kg

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    Open containers

    For products stable at ambient temperature, fairly firm texture

    Capacity 800-1,200 kg

/// Certification, quality and traceability ///

Sources of motivation and inspiration.

Because taste is not the sole means for our customers to make the difference, Materne Industries has for a long time been following a certification process. Our teams strive to offer our customers a level of quality that often goes above and beyond certification requirements.

  • Certification IFS
  • BRC
  • Licence Biologique
  • Certification UTZ
  • FDA
  • Certification casher
    (*) on request
  • Certification Halal
    (*) on request

A commitment to listening
to our customers and for
continual improvement

Quality and food safety are everyone’s responsibility. At Materne Industries, we aim for responsible growth and ensure that we achieve and exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers.

The quality of our products and processes is permanently controlled and our procedure is conducted in complete transparency with our customers.


Our commitments :

  1. To guarantee food safety for consumers.
  2. To guarantee the security of people and goods.
  3. To ensure the sustainable development of our factory in our environment.